Enquiries to the quarantine hotel.

Quarantine hotels

Everyone who enters Norway from outside the EØS/Schengen area is obligated to remain in quarantine for 10 days.

The main rule is that quarantine is completed at a quarantine hotel if you enter Norway from a country outside the EØS/Shengen area. This is mandatory upon arrival in the municipality of your arrival and also applies to Norwegian citizens. 

You are eligible for exemption to mandatory stay at a quarantine hotel if you can prove that your have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19 in the last 6 months. Children are not expected to stay at a quarantine hotel when travelling with persons who are vaccinated or who have had COVID-19. Only documentation archived on the Norwegian health website will be accepted for the exemption.

If you can document strong welfare considerations you can apply for exemption from staying at a quarantine hotel upon entry to Norway. You must still remain in quarantine in your home or another suitable place, even though you are exempt from staying at a quarantine hotel.

You will be assigned a quarantine hotel upon entry to Norway. 

The police will inform you upon arrival to Norway about your obligation to stay at a quarantine hotel and, in cooperation with the municipalities that offer quarantine hotels, inform you about which hotel you shall travel to.

Some municipalities organize transport to the quarantine hotel, but not all. Some municipalities organize transport, while others do not. 

FAQs regarding quarantine hotels entry to Norway. 

How much does the quarantine hotel cost?

There is a co-payment for staying at the hotel. You will only pay the hotel this co-payment for each day of your stay.

The co-payment is set by the government:

  • The co-payment for private individuals over 18 years of age is 500 NOK per day (24 hours).
  • Children under the age of 10 stay free of charge when living with their parents.
  • Children aged 10 to 18 are charged half the co-payment, which is 250 NOK per day.
  • If the stay is paid by your employer, the fee is 1 500 Norwegian kroner.

The remaining expenses will be paid by the municipalities, who will be reimbursed by the government. Meals will be served at the hotel under strict infection control routines. Meals are included in the co-payment.

General rules

  • You must remain at the quarantine hotel.
  • Avoid close physical proximity or contact with the others in entry quarantine at the hotel, unless you travelled with them and/or live with them.
  • Do not use public transport while at the hotel.
  • Avoid places where it is difficult to maintain a safe distance.
  • Wear a face mask if you must leave your room.
  • The municipal contact person will make an interpreter available if needed.
  • You may not have visitors while staying at the hotel.
  • You may discontinue quarantine if you wish to return to your city/point of departure. A municipal representative will assist you in this, if you can show him or her a valid airline ticket.

Health and medical assistance

You have the right to emergency health care from the municipality. For medical emergencies, call this phone number: 113. The emergency ward is available if help is not urgent. Contact the emergency ward using this number: 116 117. The standard co-payment for health care shall apply.

You have the right to necessary health and care services. The municipality is in charge of these services and will assess whether you may bring an acquaintance with you to the emergency ward. Please contact the municipal contact person to enquire about this.

Quarantine (entry quarantine and waiting quarantine)

Quarantine means healthy persons shall not have any contact with one other. The quarantine lasts 10 days.

The municipality will order you to remain in quarantine if:

  • if you have been in contact with someone infected with the novel coronavirus (close contact)
  • you are returning to Norway after visiting another country or area, including stopovers, in the last 10 days with a high infection rate (entry quarantine)

Everyone who enters Norway must remain in entry quarantine at a hotel designated for this objective. You are personally responsible for following the rules that apply to quarantine.

Everyone in entry quarantine is obligated to take a PCR test, seven days after arrival. The municipal will offer the PCR-test to persons staying at quarantine hotels after three or seven full days at the hotel.

The following rules apply to quarantine:

  • You can be together with the children who live in your household. Stay at least 1 meter from other adults. You may not have visitors.
  • You may not physically attend school, work or kindergarten. You may not participate in activities outside the home.
  • You may not travel in Norway.
  • You may not use public transport.
  • You may not visit places where it is difficult to maintain a safe distance.
  • You will need help from others to purchase groceries for you. If that is not possible, you may purchase necessary groceries, but we would prefer that you get help from friends or family.
  • You can go for a walk outside, but remain at a safe distance from others (+1m).
  • You need to be tested right away if you feel ill during the quarantine period. You may have become infected with the novel coronavirus. If this happens, you must remain in isolation at home while you await the test results.
    Read more about isolation.
  • The people in your household must remain in quarantine until your test result comes back negative.
  • If the test result is positive, you must remain in isolation. A member of the infection tracing team will contact you if your test was positive. The others in your household must remain in quarantine.
  • If the test result is negative, you must still remain in quarantine for 10 days. Quarantine for the others in your household ends immediately if your test is negative.

Who is a close contact?

Close contact means close physical proximity (closer than 2 meters from another person for more than 15 minutes) or if you had direct physical contact with an infected person. This will be determined by the municipal contact tracing team.

Travel quarantine

Travellers from countries with more than 150 infected per 100,000 must stay in a quarantine hotel until they have had a negative PCR test result taken at the earliest three days after their arrival. The remainder of the entry quarantine can be carried out at a suitable location. Travellers from countries outside EEA/ Schengen and UK shall be in quarantine hotels throughout the quarantine period until they have a negative test result, at the earliest after seven days. 

Waiting quarantine or clarification quarantine

The household members of someone in quarantine are strongly encouraged to remain in waiting quarantine or clarification quarantine.

That means the members of a household of someone defined as a close contact ordered into quarantine must also remain in quarantine until the close contact has taken his or her first test.

If the close contact's first test is negative, the members of his or her household can leave quarantine.

The close contact shall remain in quarantine and can only leave when the second test on day 8 comes back negative (shortening quarantine). A negative PCR test is required to shorten the qarantine period.

International travels

The Government advises against all international travel that is not strictly necessary.

Updated information concerning entry quarantine is available here.
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Testing, quarantine, isolation and risk groups

The updated official rules are available online (www.helsenorge.no and www.fhi.no) regarding these topics: