Here you can experience tranquil hiking trails along the Nitelva river, sport events and the vibrant city life with cafes, shops, and cultural events. And as you will learn, downtown Oslo, the capital of Norway, is only 10 minutes and one train-stop away. 

Lillestrøm has a long international history, from being the centre of horse racing (Skeið) more than 1000 years ago during the Viking era, to hosting many workers from the British Isles in the 19th and early 20th century.

Norway’s first airport, which was among the first in the world, is located at Kjeller in Lillestrøm, and has been in use since 1912; less than 10 years after the first ever manned motorised flight by the Wright brothers.

The British influence in the 19th century also brought football to Lillestrøm, and the local football team Lillestrøm SK was founded in 1917 after a merger of other sports clubs. The team plays in Eliteserien, the top league in Norway, has hosted several players from all around the world, and has fans known beyond the Norwegian borders for their vibrant supporter culture.

Where to search for jobs

NAV Arbeidsplassen



Oslopolitan Job board




Residence and work permit: UDI - The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration 

Finding a place to live 

Most Norwegians own their own houses, but you can always find apartments and houses for rent. If you are a student, you can choose to rent a student apartment from SiO as well as on the private market.

Learn about the housing market.

Student? Find a place to live in the student building. Tip: Choose Lillestrøm in the filter is the biggest marketplace for long time rent and for buying and selling homes.

Learning Norwegian

There are many options to choose from when you want to learn Norwegian.

Everyday life in Lillestrøm

Norway has its own customs and traditions. Whether it's our love for the outdoors, our tradition of community volunteering, or our way of celebrating the national day. Learn more about what makes Norway unique and how you can become a part of our society. 

Read about the school system.

A social guidebook to Norway

How to dress for the Norwegian winter

4 steps to understanding Norwegians

The history of the national outfit - Bunad

What do Norwegians eat for breakfast


Your new community

Lillestrøm is a diverse and inclusive society. We have numerous organizations, clubs, and groups eager to help you find your place here. Explore, engage, and become a part of the Lillestrøm family. 


Norge dot no

New in Norway

A welcome from us! 

Lillestrøm municipality treasure our values trust, inclusion, and innovation. We believe in the power of community and the value of standing together. So, no matter where you come from, we want you to know that you are now a part of Lillestrøm, we're delighted to have you here, and together we can achieve great things! 

With over 500 voluntary organizations. sport teams and associations, there is a community for everything! Whether you enjoy swimming, dancing, golfing, jazz, football, poetry, gymnastics, chess, handicrafts, or other activities, this page provides a comprehensive overview of all the voluntary member organizations in the municipality. Find all organizations here: Lag og foreninger (Norwegian).